Alescia Perfume Store

Alescia Perfume became established in the biggest city of Turkey, İstanbul in the year 2011. The company was later  extended to çorum in 2013. As a company,we are not just limited to producing Perfumes but we also have a good reputation in the production of other Cosmetics such as Body Cream. We aim to supply goods for our customers within and outside Turkey.

Affordable Price, Quality Production

Our company aims at supplying quality and long lasting  goods on affordable prices. Alescia Perfume has enough years of experience and continues growing and expanding. In its own way the company’s Ar-ge section and technology provides information which everyone can follow-up.

The Satisfaction Of Our Customers

Alescia Perfume’s number one factor is the production of genuine, quality and Standard goods as well as the satisfying of  custmers to an acceptable limit.


We show total respect to customers, partners, people around and the society at large.

Production And Quality Relations

We work to meet the needs and the expectations of our customers.The management ensures that it employs the qualified employees who are ready and eager to do the job. The company responds to orders made within the time promised.

Why Alescia?

Alescia Perfume extends to other developed countries and is also in the  Europe’s organisation known as the International Fragrance Association. This is an Association that emphasises on good manufacturing and affordable pricing.

Alescia is the version of Perfume which has been proven healthy by the country’s authorities. The used raw material is first class and quality.This is how Alescia Perfumes are prepared.